Burning Man Information

WIZΔRDS CΔMP is a Burning Man Camp. If you are not familiar with Burning Man we suggest you understand Burning Man first before you try to understand what this camp is all about. Burning Man is a 100% gifting community - meaning there is no $$ money exchange whatsoever during event. Our bar serves free drinks, our music is provided freely, all materials produced during our workshops are gifted to the individuals participating. We provide comfort, lighting, entertainment and heat via our Wizard Warmer. Donations are very important and flow through WIZΔRDS CΔMP and right back into the community.

We take the ten principles of Burning Man very seriously and will take whatever actions needed at any point in time to maintain this integrity. We are an absolutely LEAVE NO TRACE camp! If we could choose two principles that best represents us they would be Immediacy and Radical Self Expression. We are a bunch of creatives at heart and use WIZΔRDS CΔMP as an avenue for us to express ourselves in a way that gives back to the community and hopefully inspires those around us to be more creative. Ultimately we always find magic in the moment!

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